Wednesday, February 22, 2012


sorry ive been gone..
super busy week.
deleted my youtube :(
and now im having itunes problems....

Sunday, February 19, 2012

You'll never guess!!

So I have found this amazing tip for applying your foundation super flawlessly, i mean practically airbrushed!
So what is it?
a sponged-tipped-eye shadow-applicator.
Yes....that little useless thing. Is great for foundation!
Even though it sounds like it would take hours to do your makeup with, it only takes about 2 (or less) minutes, and honestly it looks great.

how to apply--
I squeeze my foundation (16 hr almay lol) and apply under the eye, don't worry if the foundation gets absorbed into the sponge.
Then start to apply from the eye to the nose, then where ever you need foundation.
(I put it under my eye, partially the nose, my chin and my forehead..if needed) so i don't where much foundation.
I can use mine for up to 4 times. One side of the sponge, and there's 2 sides... cleaning can take a while, but just soak it in makeup remover or alchohol.
ANYWAY, please try this and tell me what you think.

Friday, February 17, 2012


Urban Decay is having a contest!
Review any thing and be entered into  $500 UD shopping spree.

Vegan Palette ♥

Dear vegan palette;
I love you so much!
               sincerely, Leah

OK but seriously this is my full review on the vegan baby. (i'm pretty sure you can't buy this anymore, but maybe you can try ebay? or a sephora or ulta)

I actually took this picture (its on my instagram...bleepbloopp)

So this palette comes with 6 awesome colors, an eye liner in zero and a mini primer in sin.

The colors are:
Half Baked
Twice baked
Gun Metal

All colors are obviously really nice, since it is urban decay, and for just $13 it was a steal!

I usually prime, then use half baked on my lid with a little urb in the inners and smog on the outer corners and crease. If i'm feeling extra edgy I'll use some gun metal on my outer corners.

the laydown♥
I really love this product and everything in it makes me oh sooooo happy. 
If you have a chance go to the sale section and pick up a palette and you'll love every thing about it.
I can tell this is going to last me a very long time:)
Also, the packaging is so nice, and it celebrates PETA's 30th anniversary. Another reason i love UD is because all their products are vegan, and im a very earth-caring-person :D 

Thursday, February 16, 2012

♦ my favorite finds ♦

Hey everyone!
So this site is about affordable options, since almost every blog is about expensive brands!
No body likes to spend more than $10 on an eyeshadow..or at least not me..when i can buy a whole palette for $10 haha.
ELF 100 palette

who can't bet a $10 palette with all the colors in the world! The possiblities are endless!
(available online or at your local target)

2) Urban Decay Vegan Palette
$13 !! OMGOMGOMG such a great deal. I find awesome deals on Urban decay's site :)
Love it. And the original price was $36 (which is totally crazy)
 (stay tuned for a blog just about this baby)

3) obviously my baby...almay 16 hr foundation
just scroll down and read my full review.

4) wet 'n wild liner
i love this liner, its so black compared to other more expensive brands ringing in at just $2.50
find it at your local beauty supply shop or drug store.


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Revlon Lip Butters!!!!!

I finally got my hands on 2 lip butters.
I got one in cherry tart, and strawberry cheesecake.
I just had to get them so I could review, and c'mon how does a "lipstick-but-a-balm", NOT sound awesome?
The laydown.
♥color pay-off
♥doesn't dry out

~not long lasting
~not immensely moisturizing

Soooo over all I really like this product. Its not amazing like it was marketed but its a pretty good lipstick because it doesn't crease or dry out your lips.
I totally thought that it would be renewing but it is just doesn't dry you out.

Overall I went to Ulta and they had a special where if you bought one you get the other half off, so I ended up spending $12, which isn't bad for the quality. (or compared to MAC silk lipsticks which ring up more then $12)

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Affordable match-ups!

All the youtube beauty gurus use expensive makeup...MAC, Chanel, Laura Mercier.
Seriously...not everyone can afford these high end brands.
So what are some affordable matchups?

Milani shadows are super pigmented and cheap! There is plenty of shadow for the price and they're at any drug store!

L'oreal shadows are also up there, they are more expensive then some drug store, but are really nice.

I have this one, the blues are crazy blue (with out primer too!) The black is almost grey, but still really pigmented and the white is honestly a bit chalky, but still very pigmented.

I know, I know, I've raved ssooooo much about this baby. It is so amazing for $10. Seriously go to CVS and pick this up. It is so comparable to any depo-store and has so much product as well.

This is also a nice foundation, but it doesn't stay on too long...nothing can compare to the almay one in drug store!
My mother uses this foundation, its really nice but it only has 2 shades. So false advertising.